About Us

Sometimes the best love stories are not fictional ones. People can find their significant others anywhere, and sometimes people take their fates in their own hands and decide to join online dating platforms. It is the goal of the website to help you to achieve your goal – to find the partner of your dreams and make them happy ever after not a fairy tale, but reality. We are here to help you find the best website for fulfilling your dreams to meet a mail order bride.

Who we are

We started as users of online dating platforms; then, we decided to learn how different websites worked and what the online dating market has to offer to its users. As our understanding of online dating platforms grew, we thought that not many people have the time and dedication to spend months in search of the best option for them. We wanted to create a space where we can share our experience and give you information to make the best choice.

We have learned on our own mistakes, and from our own experience when coming to platforms, without any introduction or reviews, it was hard to know which websites were trustworthy and which ones should be reported. We saw many various options, from not convenient designs, above the sky prices, to scam profiles, so it is our goal to keep you safe from unreliable online dating platforms. You shouldn’t suffer from the lack of knowledge, so here we are landing you a hand.

What are we doing

We have three major goals to achieve here at DatingWifes:

1. We are making an in-depth and extensive investigation of mail order sites; then, we write reviews that explore the website features, usability, prices, and other aspects important to know. In conclusion, we always advise on whether you should try the platform or continue the search.

2. We create detailed guides to brides from different countries that help you understand a bit more of their cultures, what makes these women unique, and other tips, which are useful when it comes to meeting a sweetheart. We also create articles on the topic of dating and relationships, so you can educate yourself a bit and charm a beautiful woman and why meeting women from other countries is awesome.

3. Overall we want to help people to create healthy marriages and succeed in a relationship; we want to encourage people to have healthy romance and marriage by sharing our profound dating experience.


  • We update our website reviews accordingly and provide honest insights on them, so you can find a perfect platform and meet your soulmate there.
  • The guides and articles are written by people who have experience and knowledge of other countries’ cultures so that you can get the idea of each nation’s brides goals and values. 
  • The dating tips and advice have proven to be effective and helpful for building healthy and strong relationships, so you can become a perfect soulmate to your loving partner. 


Regarding any queries, suggestions, or other inquiries regarding our services, you are the most welcome to contact us via email at