Affiliate Disclaimer

What we do 

We are a team of experts who have a profound experience in an online dating niche and who want to create reliable and adequate dating platforms reviews and mail order sites guides. We have a vision and a mission to help users all across the globe to decide which dating platform will be the perfect start for their love story to begin and which platforms you should better avoid at any cost. 

Also, we publish detailed guides to various countries’ brides, which helps you to understand the different cultures and values that women appreciate. These materials will assist you in dating and relationship 101 science; they will make a true professional in making new acquaintances and meet different women. The advice comes from the experts and our experience; we collect tips and tricks that will endorse the healthy romance and marriage for you, or result with awesome and encouraging dating experience.

How the site works 

We have created the rating system to which we stick in every review to determine the level of dating platforms’ reliability. We focus on the following essential key points:

Authenticity and legality

First and foremost, we check the website’s security system both in terms of data and data protection and fake profiles.  It is the major criterion for excluding the platform from the top position of our top-notch lists. 

Women’ profiles

We look at the members’ profiles quality and can expose the fraud profiles right away. If there is no information or photos look too perfect (or taken from the Internet), it is a clear indicator that you should leave the platform immediately. The ideal images often belong to fake scammers, but not the lonely hearts.


The website needs to give its users the possibility and channels (for example, live chats, emails, presents and gifts, voice, and video calls) for communicating with each other. If the website has limited possibilities or absent possibilities for communication, it is clear the website didn’t pass the test.

Website design 

The appearance of the platform is crucial both for your convenience and overall perception of dating mates. There are dozens of platforms that look as if they resurfaced from the past century, and there are many of those that are pleasing to stay there and try out all elements of the platform. Of course, we will prefer to suggest the best of the best platforms. 


If any platform promises you the love of your life and everything gratis, then it is clear that you are not safe. Membership subscriptions are the safeguard from trolls and scammers, and each feature should be included in the package.


All websites should include advanced SSL encryption, the guarantee that secures your data from being stolen or sold to third parties. We always double-check this aspect when searching for the best platforms out there.

Customer support 

At the same time, each self-respecting platform (online dating or any other type of services) should have a 24/7 customer support team, who will assist you with any platform-related questions.

How do we make money 

We cooperate with brands, and our main source of income is commissions from these deals. These deals help us to develop the project and provide useful articles and other materials for users. We analyze and investigate the top brands and provide users with reviews of the highest quality ones, guaranteeing that your dating experience won’t be a disappointment.

Why are we affiliated with them? 

Although our mission and vision is a product of passion and interest, we operate as a business project, where advertising supports our website and keeps it relevant and honest regarding the best platform reviews. Affiliation deals allow us to refresh the dating websites reviews, making it relevant and updated accordingly. In such a manner, we are making everything possible to provide users with accurate data.

Does this impact platforms/services reviews and ratings? 

Not in any means. We support and cooperate only with those brands that comply with our standards and analysis criteria. The platforms reviewed on our website have shown the best results, they are the best of the best platforms, and we never intend to misguide our users.

Why are we disclosing this? 

We have ethics, and we support the transparency of the services provided, so we comply with our standards with every website reviewed. We don’t endorse cheating or misleading users, and we have built the reputation to hold up.

Will it create a double charge? 

It doesn’t create any extra fees and cost you even a penny on the top of the set price. 

Why we’re here

Once we had a vision, we could not take even the smallest step back in helping people to find their soulmates and building strong and healthy relationships. We are the professionals who have a passion for fairness and high-quality services in the online dating market, and it is our challenge to put time and effort into making online dating a safe and better place. Either you are fresh blood or experienced dater, we are obliged to provide you with true, relevant, and useful information for improving your romantic and dating experience.