What to know when dating a Thai woman

Every culture has its characteristics and prejudices. When Western and Eastern cultures meet, many misunderstandings can occur. When you come to Thailand, you will meet a lot of attractive women and if a Westerner decides to go out with one of them, he better learn more about Thai culture and Thai women. In this article, we will provide tips on what you should and should not do when dating a Thai woman.

What to do when dating a Thai girl

Below we give some useful tips on how to behave during thai dating.
• Thai men are always polite to women so your behavior may disgust the girl if you decide to make a joke on her during the date. Thai girls do not understand this, because in Thailand politeness is more important than anything else
• All men pay for everything – and this does not mean that the girls just need to get money out of you as many may think. This is another peculiarity of Thai and Eastern culture in general. The guy always pays for everything himself and so the girl will expect the same from you. Remember that Thailand is a pretty cheap country so you do not cost anything to make a nice impression on the girl
• Treat her family kindly -Thai girls put family first, so if you are lucky enough to meet her family then she trusts you. So try to be as nice as possible to her family because if something goes wrong she may choose her family instead of you
• Behave with dignity in public – be rude to waiters, argue with sales clerks or passers-by, start conflicts – all this will unequivocally alienate the Thai girl from you. Rude and intemperate people are not respected in Thailand
• Dress well – in Thailand it is even more important than your real status. If you are dressed nicely and neatly it will be appreciated not only by your Thai girl but also by her family

What you shouldn’t do when dating a Thai woman

The list below will include tips on what not to do when dating a Thai woman.
• Do not force sex – if in the West sex on the first date is the order of things, in Thailand, be prepared for the fact that a decent girl will not do it right away. Moreover, almost 60% of all Thai girls do not have sex until they are married
• Do not force her to choose between you and her family – as already mentioned, Thai girls love their family more than anything else, so if you want to give her an ultimatum “either me or them” think twice. The girl will not suffer for the person who makes her give up the most important
• Do not talk about money all the time – for Thai girls, talking about their money is a bad temper. If you start bragging about where you work and how much you make, she is more likely to think of you as a failure

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